• cleanroom clothing

    Specialized clothing designed for use in clean areas.

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Reeco Cleanroom

  • For many years REECO has been providing specialized solutions for many manufacturing industries. We approach each customer individually and guarantee that our offer is tailored to individual needs.

    We offer: pass boxes, specialized clothing, and mobile clean zones.

    Clothing designed for Cleanroom areas is manufactured from materials that do not emit dust or particles into the air. This is essential when working with advanced technologies in the pharmaceutical, medical or space industries, among others.

  • We prepare customized pass boxes for individual customers, providing advice and installation. Pass boxes enable fast and safe transfer of samples, packaging materials and tools between rooms, reducing time and minimizing the possibility of cross-contamination.

    Mobile cleanrooms are modular, mobile structures that allow you to create a cleanroom on the surface of several square meters. The use of mobile clean room allows you to save time and money.

  • installation

    Both in the case of the pass boxes and the mobile cleanroom zone, the entire work is carried out comprehensively - from design through execution and further maintenance of the zone.

  • maintenance

    Clean areas and specialized equipment require that continuous monitoring and maintenance procedures be implemented and maintained in these areas.

  • equipment

    We ensure the selection of equipment according to individual customer needs (air locks, panels, filters, ventilation, workstations with increased cleanliness, etc.).

  • design

    Many years of experience and commitment of our team guarantees the highest quality of the project and addressing all customer needs.

  • measurement and control

    Our skilled professionals with top quality equipment will accurately measure and inspect all types of cleanrooms.

Antistatic cloting can be used
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Antistatic cloting can be used in such industries as:





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