On REECO ESD women's clothing additional pink stitching has been added. The change has been implemented in polo shirts and T-shirts and is noticeable on the inside of the collar.

The seemingly small change has a purely practical aspect - it will allow for easy identification of the cut by the users of the clothes and, what follows, it will shorten the time needed to distribute the shirts among the employees. It is of considerable importance in the case of orders comprising both men's and women's clothing.

"We believe that even small changes can translate into real benefits for the recipients of our clothing. We are constantly improving our products by carefully listening to the voices of our customers and partners. Thanks to the fact that we develop the products ourselves and produce them in Poland we can quickly introduce even seemingly minor modifications, which are of great importance in practice and later usage of REECO clothing." - commented Ms. Marzena Szczotkowska-Topić and Mr. Predrag Topić - the owners of RENEX Group, the manufacturer of REECO clothing.

REECO's offer of anti-static clothing includes a wide range of products - including T-shirts, polo shirts, aprons, overalls and protective footwear made of materials that prevent electrostatic discharges. The offer also includes specialized clothing designed for work in cleanrooms, made of materials that do not generate dust.

REECO products are delivered to end customers - industrial plants - as well as to distributors and service providers who rent the special clothing.

Apart from clothing, the RENEX Group has developed and delivers, under the REECO brand, a series of modern robots, specialized equipment, and anti-static industrial furniture.

The Polish REECO product line has been expanding to foreign markets in recent years. Last year, RENEX Group reported a 50% increase in exports of REECO product groups and expanded sales to Japan, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, the United States, Ecuador and Saudi Arabia, among others.

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